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Procedure of registration or certification of food supplements is governed by many difference orders, resolutions and legal acts. Nevertheless, main reference documents are:

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1. Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1023 as of 26.07.2006 “About realization of article 28 Law of Ukraine” “About safety and quality of food products”.
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2. Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 12 as of 04.01.1999 “On approval of the list of excipients that are acceptable for food products”. 
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2. Order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine №247 as of 09.10.2000 “On approval of the temporary order of Sanitary-Epidemic examination” 
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3. Order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine №739as of 06.11.2006 “On approval of the Order of state registration (renewal) of disinfectant, referring food products to food products of the special dietary use, functional food products and food supplements and realization of state registration”. 
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